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"Life is always full of adversity and it is hard, at times, to overcome them. Sometimes all you need is a glimpse. A glimpse of life. A glimpse of hope. A glimpse of joy. A glimpse of happiness.
All you need is for someone to say you can make it with sincerity.
Someone to tell you the truth and bring you up at the same time."         

My name is Leonard Palmer a video editor and the creator of One Must Focus Media.
One Must Focus Media is a dynamic and growing motivational/inspirational company that specializes in Video Editing and Multimedia Production. 

Our reality is the ability to create a narrative to tell a story through a picture, a video, a song or all of them combined to inspire and encourage positive, impactful, life-changing
multimedia content through various visual and musical arts.

One Must Focus Media can develop hidden gems that emphasizes and unveils powerful and life changing content that causes one to dig deeper within themselves of who and where they want to be.

Your participation in spreading my mission to inspire and change the world through positive, impactful and life-changing multimedia content is greatly appreciated.
Please view/share/like/follow ONE MUST FOCUS MEDIA on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Be an inspiration! Share the inspiration! Change lives one video and post at a time!
One Must Focus Media
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