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Believe In Yourself

Believe in yourself.

You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.

-Roy T. Bennett

A lot of situations and circumstances come to break you. But it cannot break you unless you allow it. In order to break you, whatever you're dealing with has to penetrate your mindset and weaken your spirit. That’s how we fall. We fall due to the penetration of our mindset from a negative event or atmosphere that traveled through our heart to break our spirit.

Once our spirit is broken, we lose the faith and will to live. This is why most adversities come forth at the hands of someone or something closest to our hearts.

How do you stand when the one you thought loved you hurts you?

How do you trust when the friend you trusted the most betrays you?

How do fight again, when the one thing you fought so hard to keep is now broken, stolen or no longer exist?

How do you keep faith when you based all of your faith on the one thing you thought gave life and now has left or shattered into pieces?

The answer to every question is:


You are the answer. All of these things are bound to happen whether we like it or not. No, we never asked for it nor do we ever expect it. Yet, it still happens and comes our way.

So, I ask you this.

How does someone who lost everything, their family, their home, they have nothing left and are homeless living in the streets, but somehow still desires to live? How do they keep finding food and are even willing to share it with others to help them survive?

Why does a mother raising a child with barely any food in the house, and lives in an abusive relationship; gets up every day regardless and goes to work?

How does a single father get up every day, takes his kids to school, goes to work, cook’s dinner, goes to sleep and starts all over again the next day despite the circumstances against him?

Why do children who get beat up every day on the way to school, spit on, cursed out, lives in an abusive home, but still goes to school?

The answer is this, they found something within themselves greater than the situations or circumstances. They each get up every day regardless of what they know they are or will face, on top of what they may not expect, and they press to live.

They all chose to not allow what was going on to void out who and what they must do. Everyone is facing something that you know nothing about. But all have the strength within themselves to overcome it when they seek it.

When you recognize that the key is to first LET IT ALL GO.

If you keep focusing on who has or is hurting you. You continue to give them or the situation the power over you. Let it go so that you can be free and live.

The next is to change your perspective and mindset. Someone else's thoughts of you is not what makes you. Their thoughts do not give you worth. YOU give YOU worth. Your own thoughts and belief in yourself are what make you.

Choose to live and not die. Choose to grow through it and no longer go through it. Allow it to grow you and not destroy you. Believe in yourself, have faith in who you are, and refuse to allow any space in your mind to be occupied by any more toxic environments or people. All of this is possible if you truly allow it and want it to be.


So, believe in yourself and RISE up!

You are stronger than your circumstance.

Let Go. Grow. Keep Moving. Live.

Change your mindset you change your life.


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