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Stop Settling for Less, When You Are the Rarest Diamond

Diamonds are crystals of pure carbon that have formed under a combination of high temperatures and extreme pressure in the Earth's mantle.

It is time to recognize who you are.

Don't be a grain of sand on a beach that people walk on and don't mind having between their toes or get upset when it gets in their shoes. Beach sand is constantly sat on, laid on, kicked up, trashed, and gets spit on.

You are worth so much more.

Adversity and hardship did not come to devalue you. It came to sharpen your edges and strengthen you. It came to show you your true worth.

Once you see and know it. Do not settle for less. Why stay in something or with someone that doesn't understand or care to see your value?

The Fancy Red Diamonds are by far the rarest of all of the diamonds. They are almost never found.

It is time to stop going through it and start growing through it. Let it go. Let them go.

Become the rarest Diamond people seek but cannot find and when found cannot be penetrated. Because everything thrown at you now becomes your polish instead your scars.

So, shine bright. Let Go. Grow. Keep Moving. Live. Change your mindset you change your life.

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