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What Makes a Good Motivational Video?

Motivational videos are short clips of inspiring quotes, wisdom-filled statements, and thought-provoking anecdotes. They are meant to motivate the viewer in some way or another. Motivational videos are often put under the category of inspirational videos. However, most inspirational videos lack certain qualities or consist of negative messages. Many qualities and components go into making an effective motivational video.

To be a good motivational video, the following qualities should take place.

The Video Should Have Relatable Characters

For people to have positive associations with a video, it is important that they can relate to the characters. They need to feel that these characters face real problems and life challenges that they, too, have encountered at one point in their lives or have yet to encounter. Videos of people who look like the viewers, relating quotes to their own lives and even talking directly to them helps make it more personal.

Connects to the Viewer

The message of the video hits viewers right away. No matter how interesting a story is, if viewers cannot relate to it, they will not find it motivational. That being said, viewers also do not want too many details that are not relevant. They need an ideal balance of relatable characters and useful information.

The Message Sticks

The video's message needs to be clearly defined and not jumbled up. With this, viewers will know what is trying to be conveyed to them. This can help give them a sense of clarity. Positivity typically brings positivity. If viewers have a clear idea as to what they should take away from a video, they are more likely to be motivated in that way.

Keeps the Viewer's Attention

Viewers need to pay attention to a motivational video to work properly. This is why the setting and characters need to be relatable yet realistic enough not to lose viewers' interest. In addition, there should be a clear-cut message for viewers to take away from it.

The Video Should Have a Good Length

Typically, five to ten minutes is the best length for a motivational video. This way, there is enough time to relate to the characters and their problems. However, not too much that viewers lose interest or focus due to extensive details.

The Video Should Have Good Imagery

The last quality of a motivational video is appealing to viewers' senses through sight and sound. A well-made video will have appealing visuals, sounds, and music that the viewer can feel. This is how they can connect with the characters and the video's message.

Motivational videos can be a great way to increase productivity in the work environment. They are simply videos that tell a story of an individual who faced adversity and triumphed over it with determination, dedication, and hard work. This pattern is repeated repeatedly when different individuals face similar problems in the video. There are many different types of motivational videos out there. It is important to pick one with good qualities.


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